"New Directions"

Bourtzi Castle, Karystos, Evia / August 10-13, 2013

Because “New Directions” takes place in Karystos, where we live and have established our studio, we’ve selected subjects and themes inspired by the life and culture of the Aegean, and specifically the Karystia - the southern end of Evia island (click here for map). In this way, we hope to share with this community our own way of seeing, as artists and as adopted residents. For that reason also, we’ve included text panels in the exhibition to help explain our sources of inspiration and our working methods. These include:

specificity of time and place; especially season, hour of day, and atmosphere.
historical influences, such as Iznik tiles from Asia Minor, and Cycladic sculpture from 3000 BC.
the diptych format, which invites comparison within a given subject.
abstraction - as an approach to familiar cultural forms.

All the paintings have been framed for this exhibition and are available for sale, framed or unframed. The dimensions listed below indicate the size of the painting itself, without mat or frame. The prices range from 170€ to 500€. Please enquire for further information.

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